Graduates Make it Through Drug and DUI Court

Today Tulsa's Drug and DUI Court held its graduation event for those who were able to make it through the program.

Patrick Parker, a 43-year-old now living in Jay, was one of the proud graduates.

Parker, an alcoholic of 25 years who has now been sober for two years, has a steady job at the water plant in Jay. He said he never saw this day coming.

"It feels really good," Parker said. "I used to be proud of my alcoholism, but I'm a changed person. There is a life in front of me that I couldn't imagine."

Parker walked across the stage, and now, at nearly 44-years-old, finally got his GED.

Now that he has his life back together, he said he is hoping for a lifetime of sobriety.

The graduation was held at the OSU-Tulsa auditorium at 10 a.m.