Grass Fires Tough on Fire Departments

Paul Summers, Oak Grove Fire Department Assistant Chief

With two large woodland fires this past weekend alone, members of the Oak Grove Fire Department, along with other fire departments in the area, are seeing the effects of these dry conditions.

Paul Summers of the Oak Grove FD said that he has seen fires start up for a multitude of reasons, from debris sparking off of the road to people flipping cigarettes out of their vehicle.

Because of all the recent fires, the Oak Grove FD would be in real trouble were it not for the help of surrounding departments.

The biggest problem is the dryness of the conditions, as the lack of water in the ground and high winds cause flames to get out of control quickly.

Summers said that it's important for fire departments to act quickly and aggressively when responding to fires in these conditions.

"They can come at any moment," Summers said.

Donations of water and Gatorade to help keep the firefighters hydrated are greatly appreciated.

The Oak Grove FD is located at 395 South 273rd East Ave in Catoosa.