Grassfire Eats Up 2,000 Acres

"It started over here," said James Higgins, pointing to the start of a massive grassfire west of Vinita.

And in no time, the fire was threatening his house as it ate up 13 acres of his land. To keep it from creeping closer?

"I was out there with a water hose spraying the yard down back there," he said.

Before long firefighters arrived to make sure his home was safe and hung around the keep it that way.

"Yeah, they're back there making sure there ain't no hot spots back there to start up again," he said.

As to how much land was consumed by the fire?

"Close to about 2,000 acres," said firefighter Bob Anderson, coordinating a massive effort to minimize the damage from the wildfires.

"Ranchers now are going to be hurting, they've lost a lot of hay, and there's some out buildings that have been lost," he said.

Fortunately no one homes were lost, nor were any animals, including the 12 cattle of Mr. Higgins. A mid-winter fury, with fire leading right up to an ice laden pond. A happy median found in the warmth of the hearts of everyone involved.

"Them firefighters they done a great job," said Higgins.

"We're here for the people," said Anderson.