GRDA to Determine Whether to Reopen Grand Lake Area

Crews are headed back out to a Grand Lake area Tuesday to determine if E. Coli levels have decreased since earlier this month.

Officials with the Grand River Dam Authority first announced the closure June 6 after water samples showed high levels of E. Coli at the Bernice State Park. The area is located east of Tulsa in Delaware County.

"Public safety is our top priority," GRDA spokesperson Justin Alberty stated. "We constantly monitor the water quality of bodies of water overseen by GRDA and will continue to keep the public informed as we learn more."

Previous reports from KTUL state that subsequent testing showed levels continued to remain elevated. Officials also extended the closure to the Cowskin Bay Bridge area after similar E. Coli samples were detected.

"There are a lot of misconceptions that the entire lake is closed people see the headlines of beach at grand lake is closed and they assume it's the whole lake and they don't come up," a local businesses owner told KTUL.

Alberty added in a release that the GRDA was only closing this area of Grand Lake, but that several other activities and parks remain open.

Officials with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and the Oklahoma State Department of Health have been assisting the GRDA.