District Attorney Investigation: Questions Continue

Some difficult questions are being asked about a legal system in Green County. The District attorney for Rogers, Mayes, and Craig counties is facing some serious accusations.

Last Wednesday, law enforcement agencies from those three counties called for the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation to look into the allegations against District Attorney Janice Steidley.

"I have spoken to Assistant Attorney General Tom Bates he assured me neither the attorney general nor will any other Oklahoma District attorney purse charges against John Singer for perjury," Chief Claremore Police Department, Stan Brown said.

Since that statement was made, Steidley has questioned the credibility of a statement investigation into the case. During a press conference Friday, Steidley released a letter from another district attorney that was investigating the case, and he was ready to press charges. First assistant District Attorney to Janice Steidley, Bryce Lair, was the one that asked DA Rex Duncan to write a letter explaining that he did want to purse charges.

In the letter, Duncan said that he was removed from the case before the OSBI investigation was complete and the case was given to another district attorney.

"They were concerned about his assignment because of the size of his office and also they had some concerns about some comments that he had made about wanting to file charges," Lair said.

Steidley said she brought this letter forward because her judgement was brought into question, but this allegation isn't the only one on the list.

"This is not in any way a Janice Steidley versus John Singer situations," Rogers County Sheriff, Scott Walton said.

These allegations run much deeper for the law enforcement agencies in these three counties.

"Her efforts to hang law enforcement and paint us as untruthful and dishonest have made it very difficult for Northeast Oklahoma to have proactive aggressive law enforcement. It's made it very good to be a thug in these counties," Walton said.

Walton said being an elected official in this county means standing up to get the truth, or people might think you are part of the problem.

"People may say there are no limits into what a grand jury can look into, if they want to look into dealings in the Sheriff's office, I welcome that," Walton said.

Steidley said again during the press conference on Friday that all of the allegations have no foundations, and she is just doing her job.

"When you get a letter like this, it's quit alarming to me about what's going on. Especially when you see a band of brothers that seems to be getting together in Rogers County, and then you throw OSBI into the mix," Steidley said.

A petition drive is underway to get a grand jury to look into the county officials. They need the signatures of more than 4,000 registered voters before October 11.