Green Country Reacts to Colorado Movie Massacre

The massacre at a movie theater in Colorado is top of mind for many in Green Country. "I thought it was awful. It's very sad. Very sad," said one Sapulpa movie goer.

B&B Theaters in Sapulpa is still selling tickets to Dark Knight, but it's a far cry from the crowd that showed up on opening night. Fanatics filled the seats much like at theaters across Tulsa. Before tragedy struck, the build up to Batman was all any of them could talk about. "I'm a huge Batman fan and I've been waiting for this for weeks," one fan told Tulsa's Channel 8.

After the midnight showing Tulsans none the wiser were eager to share their experience. Some fans even dressed the part. Theaters that eagerly let cameras in their doors on Thursday are turning them away unless corporate says otherwise Friday. Locally owned B&B let its manager speak out without hesitation, taking the opportunity to say something to those closest to the tragedy. "Our hearts go out to the victims and their families, and our thoughts and prayers are with them," said B&B Theaters Manager Kathy Henry.

A shared sentiment from everyone who turned out to watch Batman Friday, but at least one of them says plans changed somewhat after the events in Colorado. "That kind of made us do it today as opposed to tomorrow or something like that because we just kind of feel like you rush into it and we'll feel safer I don't know," the woman said.

B&B says that it will have police offers acting as security here on the weekend, but they say that's always the case.