Green Country Residents Dig Deep Gathering Supplies for Victims

Community Gives

People in Oklahoma are living to up their reputation of being good neighbors. Tornado relief efforts are popping up all over green country, as trucks are

headed to Moore, full supplies.

Summer vacation started on Tuesday at Bixby high school but instead of relaxing students came back to the classroom. They're collecting everything from toys and Hotwheels to toiletries and food for families in Moore, who lost everything.

When Bixby students heard about other students and children who were left homeless--they refused to start their summer vacation. Instead they started a social media campaign and invited Bixby residents to give. And that's exactly what they have done.

Students convinced their leadership teacher to keep his classroom open, windows and all so they could accept clothes, supplies, food and water for tornado victims, not just in Moore but also Shawnee.

Students are running this relief effort and say it makes them feel good.

"It makes me feel great about my community to know that it doesn't matter if their kids are in high school to know that we are going to come together as one and do what we can for a community that we don't know," said Madison Curley, a high school senior who started the project.

Students will head to Moore on Friday morning.

In Berryhill, View Acres Church is inviting it's community to drop off supplies as well. The church says so far they have received phone calls from as far away as New York, with people offering to send supplies to Oklahoma.