Green Gifts This Year Are Those That Keeping On Giving After Holidays

(Associated Press)

Christmas is just a little over two weeks away and the M.e.t. wants to remind Tulsans that it is possible to buy gifts that keep on giving.

Green Gifts to be exact. They're typically ones that will be used many times over the course of many years. They also come packaged responsibly and do not produce a surplus of waste, according to the M.e.t.

For over 15 years, The M.e.t. has provided a list of Green Gifts in order to help the public with gift giving. They provide this list to help create a safer and cleaner community.

They also state that Green Gifts can be affordable and priceless. So here's the list for you to look over before you begin your shopping. (For all those late-shoppers)

1. Bicycles - Great for exercise and they don't create any pollution. They also seem to be pretty trendy these days. Prices go from under $75 to over $7,500.

2. Water Filters - These guys are sold at most stores and can potentially replace up to 300 bottles of water each year. The M.e.t. said they found one for under $20 at Target.

3. Rechargeable Batteries - You can charge and charge and charge these fellas all you want. There are even solar powered chargers that charge AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V, sold at Harbor Freight for under $15.

4. Plant a Tree - December is a great time to plant a tree and give your home and neighbors a gift. Tulsa area nurseries have great varieties in stock right now for as little as $25.

5. Kid-Powered Toys - A wooden desktop basketball game is fun for the home or the office and can be found at JCPenny for $17.

6. Recycled Bird Feeder - Bird feeders are sold in kits to make with the kids or already assembled ready to fill with seed. We like the model from recycled post-consumer plastic sold at Lowe's for under $10.

7. Recycled Door Mat - Door mats help clean the bottom of shoes and protect your carpets or wooden floors. We found one at Ace Hardware that sells for under $19.

8. Glass Storage Containers - Glass storage containers will keep food fresher and make leftovers part of the next meal. A set of three bowls with lids sells for just under $20 at Target.

9. LED Bulbs - LED bulbs are better than the spiral CFL bulbs and use even less energy. For a fun gift, look for the 0.6 Watt bulb that changes colors for less than $6 at Home Depot.

10. Small Recycling Bins - Any container can be labeled or hand painted to become a recycling bin or you can buy them in fashionable colors and styles, we found one at Target for under $10.

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