Grilling OK For Holiday Weekend, But Beware

Grilling is OK on paved surfaces, not wood or decks

There's a bit of good news for folks wanting to enjoy the grill this Labor Day weekend.The current statewide burn ban does not prohibit grilling, but you have to follow certain guidelines.The Oklahoma Forestry Commission says liquid propane and charcoal fired cooking is okay outside, as long as it's in a grill that sits on hard pavement and at least five feet from any flammable vegetation.Coleman-type camp stoves are also okay to use. However, the state warns that "any fire resulting from grilling or the use of one of these cookers or stoves is still an illegal fire." If you're grilling outside in the city of Tulsa, there are more guidelines for you to follow. Tulsa Fire captain Stan May says that grills can't be used with in 10 feet of a building, whether that's above or to the side of the unit. Grilling on balconies of any kind is not allowed. Outdoor campfires or bonfires are prohibited across the state, no questions asked. Get the specific rules on outdoor burning by clicking hereIf you're caught violating the statewide burn ban, it could mean a $1,000 fine and possible jail time. This ban was put in place back on August 3rd and currently overrides county burn bans.The city of Tulsa is making it easier for citizens to check on the bans. Information has now been added to the fire department section of the city's website. Click here to see the city's new burn ban information centerSee a county by county map of the burn bans