Group Uses Fly Fishing to Help Heal Veterans

A thankful citizen launched a Green Country chapter of a nationwide organization helping veterans... with fly fishing.

"This is a way that I felt I could give back to my country and to our service members," said local organizer Chris Gorman.

Project Healing Waters began in 2005 and aims to reintroduce veterans to the outdoors and deal with physical and emotional struggles. It teaches veterans the basics of fly fishing and then takes them on fishing trips at no cost.

"When you're fly fishing, or fishing in general, all you're thinking about is fishing," said Gorman. He told Channel 8 that fishing can help veterans temporarily escape any hardships they might be facing. Plus, it offers camaraderie.

The local chapter will meet for the first time Saturday night at 6 p.m. at the Jack Graves Boy Scouts Outdoor Facility in Broken Arrow. Gorman expects veterans from the Wounded Warrior Project, the VA in Muskogee, and other areas to attend. Volunteer sign-ups will be welcome too. The meeting will go over the basics of fly fishing. Gorman said it will end around 9 p.m.

Those that cannot attend or simply want more information may visit the local chapter's Facebook page or email the group at