Growth in Bartlesville Spurs Housing Market

they're the largest numbers in Bartlesville, the iconic 66, and those numbers are continuing to help inflate some other numbers around town.

"last year, 2013 was a banner year for us,"said realtor Roberta Palmer of Re/Max, describing the city's substantial up tick in home sales, a 12% increase in just two years.

"The real estate market in Bartlesville is very good," she said.

Helping to fuel the home buying...

"There's been approximately $26 million worth of commercial development in Bartlesville," said city manager Ed Gordon.

New job growth, including over 200 at oilfield company ABB.

"Ultimately will hire 265 brand new jobs in Bartlesville, really an exciting time to be in our community," he said.

And serving as a continuing economic engine for the city, the company that provides some 1,800 jobs.

"We're grateful for both Conoco Phillips and Phillips 66," said Gordon.

"With Conoco and Phillips we have good employers that help keep our real estate market stable, moving people in and out on a regular basis," said Palmer.

Growth in Bartlesville, as bold as the buffalos around town.

"Lot of good things happen in Bartlesville," said Gordon.