Gubernatorial Candidate Announces Proposal to Fix Oklahoma Schools

Education has become a priority for candidates this election year with changes ranging from the Reading Sufficiency Act to the ouster of Common Core.

Today State Rep. Joe Dorman announced his plans for education with his new proposal called, "Classrooms First." That is Dorman's idea he plans to pursue, if he is elected governor in November. Dorman says he wants to dedicate the state's franchise tax to education. Current governor Mary Fallin just gave education an $80 million increase in funding. Dorman says his plan would mean about $35 million more a year for schools.

"This will be set aside and earmarked for classroom funding. This will not go to salaries. It will not go to administrative costs. It will go to the tools needed by educators to educate those students where they can achieve their highest potential," said Dorman.

One teacher, Susan Heller Fisher says teachers want less testing and more listening from state leaders.

"A lot of times as a teacher I feel we are not listened to in politics of the state. And they are busy making laws and regulations and unfunded mandates but they don't really look at what the teachers need and what kids need," she said.

A spokesperson for Governor Fallin says, "In the last two years Gov. Fallin has signed budgets delivering over $150 million in new money to K-12 education, meaning Rep. Dorman is actually proposing less money than what has already been appropriated."