Gun Incidents Spur Concern

It's where you go when the bullets stop flying, but last week at St. John's...

"An individual entered the hospital with his weapon, and he was going to have a procedure done and the weapon fell out and discharged," said TPD officer Jill Roberson.

And then, over the weekend, at AMC theater, a place where the action is supposed to happen on the screen, when an armed woman went to the restroom.

"When she unholstered her weapon for some reason it discharged and she actually shot herself in the hand," she said.

"Know the design of your firearm," said Eric Fuson of 2A Shooting Center.

According to 2A, many guns have built in safety mechanisms to prevent accidental firings if a weapon's dropped. The danger often lies in retrieval efforts.

"More often than not what happens if somebody is trying to pull a gun out of a holster or a pocket, if they lose control of the gun and then try to catch it as it falls, they're way more likely to actually catch that trigger while they're trying to catch the firearm," he said.

And as for Open Carry? It by no means means that every place is open to it.

"I think people are just, that they think that now that this law is out that maybe they can carry anywhere without familiarizing themselves with the law specifically," said Roberson.