Gun Range Offers Concealed Carry Classes For Teachers

A Tulsa gun range is offering concealed carry classes to teachers in the Tulsa area, Saturday, Jan. 19.

Any teacher within the 9-1-8 area code was able to register for a concealed carry class. The class is offered through U.S. Shooting Academy.

"I have two children in school, I want them to feel safe, learn and have fun. I don't want them to be afraid of something happening to them," says Dave Saye with the U.S. Shooting Academy.

With the all talk about gun violence and gun legislation, it just seemed to be the right time, according to Saye. Already hundreds of educators have expressed interest.

"My husband and I had been thinking about doing this for a long time and now that they're offering it and it's a free class we thought we'd take advantage of it," says Danna Garland and on line teacher,

A state lawmaker has proposed legislation to allow teachers with a permit to carry their weapons to school. We asked Garland if this would improve safety inside classrooms.

"Yes and no. When you think about it, it's also an opportunity for a very bad situation if you have an out of control student at the high school level. So, I think it may depend on the person carrying it," says Garland.

Teachers had to present their school identification to sign up for today's registration. They'll be contacted later with the date of their class, probably sometime in February.

"I feel like the police aren't always going to be there and I feel like whatever we can do to provide security for our kids we should do," says Saye.

The U.S. Shooting Academy will also offer additional training outside of the concealed carry course. That will be determined by the each school districts needs.

A previous copy of this story stated that U.S. Shooting School was offering gun permits. The offer was for concealed carry classes, not gun permits. For information on obtaining concealed carry permits check out the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation website, here.