Gun-Related Editorial Cartoon In Owasso Newspaper Grabs Attention

A gun-related editorial cartoon is grabbing attention on social media.

It was printed in Thursday's edition of the Owasso Reporter newspaper.

It shows what appears to be children with bullet wounds lying on the ground spelling out "N R A."

It also has a smoking assault rifle in the upper left hand corner with the name Sandy Hook written on a chalk board in the upper right corner.

It also includes signs that say "stand up to these thugs" near the bottom of the cartoon.

The cartoon is not locally drawn. Instead, it's a syndicated drawing by Chris Britt. contacted Owasso's newspaper and received the following response Friday afternoon:

"I am publisher of the Owasso Reporter. Regarding the editorial cartoon published this week, we have viewpoints pages each week as a place that expresses differing points of view. Just as we would never expect all of our readers to agree with everything written or draw by another, we don't expect all to agree with the position of this editorial cartoonist. We always welcome the opinions of our readers. The page facing the cartoon in fact contains letters from readers on a number of different topics.Reader feedback is always appreciated and encouraged. At the same time, we do apologize to anybody that was offended by the viewpoint of this, or any editorial cartoon."

Mike Brown

Publisher, Owasso Reporter