Gun Sales Up

It's the Bushmaster semi-automatic military style rifle that's generated much of the conversations we're having now. Gun enthusiasts want to make sure they can always have these weapons at their disposal.

Talk about proposed gun legislation often comes up following a mass shooting then goes away. But this time is different.

"20 kids though that' so crazy," says Amber Shanks who doesn't own a gun... yet.

"I wouldn't mind getting a gun, a hand gun just to have it in my house," says Shanks.

'What she isn't looking to buy is this Bushmaster but a lot of other customers are.

This is a Bushmaster A-R-15, a semi-automatic rifle.

It's the kind of firearm used in the Connecticut school shootings. Because they've gotten so much attention, there is fear, these type of weapons might disappear.

"People want to make sure that they preserve their ability to do that. And if they think there may be something to make them think they may be prevented from exercising that right in the future they're probably going to take advantage of what they can purchase now," says Eric Fuson with 2A Shooting Center

Nationwide, Dicks Sporting Goods is the first chain to pull certain semi-automatic rifles off it's shelves. But not all of them look as intimidating as the bushmaster. This is also a semi automatic rifle that some people first learn to shoot with.

If you can aerosolize guns as a bad level or a good level then you're well on your way to convince anyone that any type of firearm is quote a bad gun.

As we have all learned, a weapon in the wrong hands can cause many deaths. Politicians are willing to talk about it while the NRA says it will make "meaningful contributions." I would think that the time to have that discussion get it started would be now," says Shanks.

While some sort of gun legislation is proposed. We still don't know when or exactly what it might look like.