Gundy Tries Laughter As Remedy To Bedlam Blues Before Baylor

To Mike Gundy, boosting team morale was a more immediate concern rather than finding motivation for their final game of the regular season.

Oklahoma State isn't going to a BCS Bowl this year. They're not in contention for the Big 12 Championship. The Cowboys can't even brag about Bedlam after losing an epic battle against Oklahoma.
It's a tough way to end the regular season -- if it was over.
For the first time since 2004, Bedlam isn't the last game of Oklahoma State's regular season schedule. OSU finishes Saturday at Baylor. And the Cowboys hammered the Bears 59-24 last season.
It appears a "revenge" factor won't be included in OSU's motivation for Saturday in Waco. According to head coach Mike Gundy, he wasn't as concerned with motivation as team morale.
"I don't think there's any question it's a challenge for us as coaches and players that we recover," said Gundy during Monday's media press conference. "It starts with us. We have to get over it first, and then we have to make sure our players understand, which they do. This is a mature group and they've been in enough games."
But Gundy took a unique approach in how to handle the disappointment the following day. He offered the players a choice: practice or watch some stand up comedy on Netflix.
The team needed a good laugh.
"They needed a little bit of a break so we let them spend an hour and a half together watching comedians," explained Gundy. "Before it was over they were all laughing and we got back into our meetings and finished up and sent them home for the night."
We'll see if Sunday's remedy translates into a good week of preparation for the final game of the regular season. The Cowboys and Bears kickoff Saturday at 11:00 a.m. in Waco.