Guthrie Green Closed To "Green Up" After Crowds

Guthrie Green has become a popular gathering place in downtown Tulsa. But it's so popular, the grass is wearing thin. And the urban garden needs a break

In some places, the grass has been worn down to mud, after the many events held on the square block of grassy sitting areas and common grounds for friends. The goal is basically to put the green back in Guthrie so workers have put up the orange tape to keep people out.

Children from the Zarrow art camp are used to coming over and playing on the green. Today they had to stay on the stage used for bands and entertainment, because of the orange tape and the signs warning everyone to stay off the grass.

The green grass has been downtrodden, thanks to all of the traffic from this weekend's Center of the Universe Festival and the daily events from fitness classes to Sunday markets and other activities.

The plan is to grow the grass, turn off the internet. and give the park a break. Workers knew it would be popular. This is the first full summer of packed programming, with added attractions in downtown Tulsa.

"I think we knew this would be a really amazing gathering space. I don't know that anyone could have imagined especially last weekend when we had 50 thousand people in and out of the area over the course of two days," said Meg Webb, with Guthrie Green.

Even the restaurant Lucky's is closed but people are still welcome to gather there but the request is please stay off the grass.