Hanson Brother Joins MOTCOT to Urge Young Tulsans to Vote

Tulsa musician and entrepreneur teams up with #whoismotcot to urge young voters to get out to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

Taylor Hanson, one of three brothers who formed the Hanson band, 'flipped' the T for Tulsa to urge young Tulsans to vote in the upcoming mayoral election. In a video posted on MOTCOT's YouTube page, Hanson asks Tulsans under 30 to hit the polls.

"A lot of people choose not to cast a ballot for the mayoral election, for whatever reason, and especially young people," Hanson said, "People under the age of 30 have a lot of things to say, a lot of influence and if you maybe haven't decided to jump in and plan on voting, I would encourage you to get informed and to get out there to decide who you want your next mayor to be."

Hanson states in the video that those who are informed and get involved can make great changes for the city of Tulsa. MOTCOT was created by Noah Roberts to urge young Tulsans to vote.

"Who is MOTCOT? Well, who is it? It's the mayor of the city of Tulsa. It's who you choose it to be," Roberts said.

Early voting wrapped up earlier today, but the polls open up again Tuesday, Nov. 12.