Oklahomans Left Wondering What Happened to Their Tax Refunds

Visit the Oklahoma Tax Commission web site, and the question is right there in black and white, Where's My Refund? It's the answer that's driving people nuts.

"Your guess is as good as mine at this point," said Marsha Foster. She was prompt about filing her taxes, she did it waaaay back on...

"January 3rd."

But still no refund. And she's not alone. Over at Liberty Tax Service at 69th and Lewis?

"State refunds they are behind, and we've got a lot of customers who are not happy," said Sanjay Parekh.

As far as trying that customer service number listed on the tax commission's web site?

"You go through an automatic system and they just say their lines are tied up and they can't get to you, and try back later," said Marsha.

"My other office just called Oklahoma State Commission today, and the officer that she got could not answer why they are late," said Sanjay.

News Channel 8 spoke with the commission's public information officer who told us the lags were due to the agencies increased use of edits. Not audits, but edits. That's when they try to combat identity theft. Which is good news, except that they haven't exactly publicized on their web site that there might be some folks who experience delays. In fact, they told us that there are "No major delays." Marsha would beg to differ.

"Answer the phone and just tell people what the problem is, and then that way they'll know to wait, it's going to be a longer wait," she said.