Have a Cyber Monday Game Plan

We're just days away{} from two of the biggest shopping days of the year... Black Friday and Cyber Monday.{}{} Since Cyber Monday debuted 5 years ago, it's become one of the hottest days to shop.{} A lot of people don't like fighting the crowds, so they shop online instead.{} Here are some tips to find those great deals with a click of a mouse.Several web sites track the latest deals, including and{} But before you buy, be sure you have a game plan to save money.{} According to the strategies include:

  • Pay attention to extra costs.{} Shipping, handling and taxes can easily double the cost of an inexpensive holiday gift.
  • Don't get sidetracked by things you don't need.{} You won't save money buying stuff you'll never use.
  • Use the wisdom of crowds.{}{} Check out bargain message boards like and{} Sometimes posters will comment that there's a better deal for a product at another site or how to get an additional 10% off.

By one estimate, online shoppers spent about $900 million on Cyber Monday last year.{} And there's no indication it'll be any less this year.{} If you're one of those shoppers, make sure you have a plan of attack to save money.