Investigation Begins After Reports of Sexual Assault at Sand Springs School

According to the Superintendent an incident of possible hazing has been investigated involving 3 students, and that appropriate disciplinary action has been taken, and now police are investigating as well.

"It was definitely improper conduct. There's nothing like this that should happen at one of our schools," said Deputy Chief of Police Mike Carter of the Sand Springs Police Department.

Police say a parent brought the victim in. As to what it was that allegedly happened?

"The allegation is that two students engaged in coercing another student into a sexual act," said Carter.

And that is as much detail as authorities are willing to release, aside from saying that the incident happened in one of the sports facilities. Police had the victim undergo a forensic interview.

"A forensic interview is where we take a minor child over to Tulsa to the parent child center and we let their experts interview and video tape that interview," said Carter.

With everyone involved a juvenile, identities are not being released. But police will say that everyone involved knew one another.