Plane Makes Safe Emergency Landing at Tulsa

A plane has landed safely at Tulsa International Airport after declaring an emergency.It was the landing that frightened some passengers."Until I heard the 'too low, too low' computerized voice telling us it was a too low landing or did not have any landing gear. I was like hmmm maybe this is kind of serious," said Kimberly Cattles, who decided to exit the airport, and take a rental car to Oklahoma City.The plane, carrying 140 passengers was en route to Dallas from Little Rock and was diverted to Tulsa. Passengers stated that the pilot notified them of an issue with the aircraft and that it would need to land at Tulsa International.Early reports indicate the plan experienced some issues with the computer systems and had to be landed manually.KTUL learned that the plane circled around the airport twice before it began to descend. It touched down before 2 p.m. and no injuries were reported.Passengers on the plane were allowed to exit and head to their next destination. Some made the decision to drive to Dallas. American Airlines also sent a plane late in the evening to transport other passengers to Dallas.