Health Department Kicks Off "Don't Bug Me" Campaign

Cold and flu season is here. and the Tulsa Health Department and Hillcrest are kicking off their annual "Don't Bug Me" campaign.

Their first stop was Gilcrease Elementary in north Tulsa.

Students got their own official "Louie Achooee" flu bug antenna hat and learned the new "Don't Bug Me" dance.

The program teaches kids about the importance of hand washing and covering your mouth when you cough of sneeze.

Kevin Gross with Hillcrest Health Systems says, "What we teach them is to sing the happy birthday song twice. So if you sing the happy birthday song twice while you're washing your hands. That's about 15 seconds and that's long enough to get rid of a lot of the germs."

This is the 9th year for the "Don't Bug Me" campaign.