Water Issues Close Broken Arrow Restaurants, Hospital

All restaurants and the city's largest hospital have shut down a boil order remains in effect in Broken Arrow.

Restaurants in Broken Arrow have to quit serving until a boil water notice affecting the entire city is lifted.

St. John's Broken Arrow is discontinuing operations until further notice and patients are being transferred to the hospital's Tulsa and Owasso locations, a hospital spokeswoman said Wednesday.

The city manager declared a water emergency Tuesday after a water main break on the line coming into Broken Arrow from Pryor .

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According to the Tulsa Health Department, due to the volume of water needed to safely operate a restaurant, all food establishments in the city that serve open food must cease operations until the boil order notice is lifted.

Places that serve packaged food can continue, but fountain and drink services have to stop as well.

Before opening back up once the boil order notice is lifted, restaurants must flush their water system, discard ice supplies and wash-rinse-sanitize all food contact equipment.