Hear From Our Customers!

"I just wanted to tell you once again how impressed I was with Bill! What a lovely, lovely man. Bill went above and beyond the call of duty in showing me not only what was going wrong with my plumbing issue, but he showed me what to do in case it happens again. Then, to top it off, he was kind enough to let me know about your coupon offer, in order to save $5.00. That meant so much! You are very lucky to have Bill represent your company. He is your best advertisement and well deserves your gold star." - L.L. Oklahoma City, OK.{} {}

"To whom it may concern. We wish to comment to you all to express our gratitude for the great service your company and your people provided to us. We unfortunately had to have you all come out to our house a few weeks ago as our septic tanks had become full and were flowing back into our tubs and toilets in the house. Buster came out and immediately accessed the situation and proceeded to explain to us what all was going on and what all would probably be required to fix the problem. He had to have a crew come out the next day with a camera to locate the tanks. They were both under the deck I had built a few years earlier. After a few days of pulling up boards, locating the first tank, only to determine that there was a second tank as well, much digging, draining and pump replacement, they had us back in service!!!! Doing all this in the 100+ degree weather I might add!! Without making a long story any longer, we mainly just wanted to let you know how very grateful we are with Buster, the rest of the crew and everything you all did for us in an emergency situation!!! I cannot praise Buster enough!!!!! My wife and i are going to get on your septic maintenance plan, and will definitely be calling Mullins for any future problems we may have, as well as strongly refer Mullins to our family and friends who may also have the need for any of your services!" S.A. Collinsville, Ok.

"I wanted to let you know what great employees you have in Rich and Blaine. They came to unclog a floor drain and it turned out to be a much bigger problem. Instead of giving up or giving me excuses, they kept working in the hot and stuffy garage and pulled out about a pound of roots from my floor drain. It looks like more work will need to be done in the future on the drain, and thanks to their great work, Mullin will be the first plumber I call for a quote." - J.Y. Tulsa, Ok."Just wanted to say thank you to MarkWayne for the tip his show had Saturday morning about air conditioning and the sprinklers, Sat. Evening we were fixing to have a Birthday Party at our house and about 4 o'clock i noticed the house temp was up to about 82 and rising. A little panic set in so tried calling a few repairs to ask questions and no answers the I remembered the conversation about running sprinklers over your unite outside. With a little southern ingenuity and a little patience about 30 mins later we were cooling down and back at 75 where I like it. Keep up the good show and great tips." N.N. Skiatook, Ok.

"Just had a wonderful service experience from Davie with Mullin. He replaced my sprinkler heads and repaired my soaker. And he did it with such eloquence. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted. :)" M.G.{} Broken Arrow, Ok.

"I just want to compliment one of your employees. I failed to look at his shirt to get his name. He was at the QT at 21st & Harvard around 10:00 A.M. this morning Tuesday July 26th. He had his hands full with items but offered to allow me to go ahead of him when I only had one item. I told him thank-you but to go ahead and check out before me. After I checked out and was leaving the store he was standing at the door with a bag of items in one hand and a bag of ice over his shoulder holding it open for customers. He really made an impression on me due to the fact there are few people in this world now days that think of other people and not just of themselves. He represented your company well and you will be the first company I call if I need plumbing work done due to his small act of kindness. I'm sorry I didn't get his name so he could get a pat on the back but just wanted to take a minute to thank him." P.Y. Tulsa, OK."Your technician, Bill, just left my house and did a great job. He took care of several issues and did a very good job of explaining why I could be having problems with the bad odor in my house. He also fixed a few other minor issues I had with my garbage disposal and faucet handles in my bathtub. He was kind, courteous, friendly and professional. I especially appreciated the fact that he took off his shoes when he entered my house. He was also very conscientious about cleaning up. Bill is a great representative of your company. Thank you!" M.M. Oklahoma City, Ok."We had a problem with a hot water leak in our slab. Needless to say, we were in a panic. We called Mullin Plumbing and they were very prompt in sending someone out. We received a call shortly after calling the office from CJ to let us know he was on his way. He confirmed that we did have a hot water leak in the slab and immediately installed a shut-off valve on the hot water line coming from the hot water tank to allow us to turn the hot water on when we absolutely had to have hot water and turn it off when it was not needed. This "fix" allowed us time to figure out the best way to take care of the problem. CJ explained "what" our options were, e.g. locate the leak in the slab, tear up the floor (we have new wooden floors) tear into the slab, fix the leak and replace the concrete and flooring (thinking about this option really gave us a headache) OR install new hot water lines from the hot water tank to each hot water faucet bypassing the hot water line in the slab. Not only was the last option the most economical it removed the possibility of "another" problem later on with the 45+ year old hot water line in the slab. CJ made sure we understood both options and that he would be happy to help us with either option. He answered all of our questions in a way that we understood and suggested we "sleep" on it before we made a decision. He left his cell telephone number with us and told us to feel free to call him if we had any questions. We opted to install the new hot water lines. CJ was knowledgeable, courteous and did not rush us to make a decision. We could not be more pleased with CJ and Mullin Plumbing. On a scale of 1 - 10, we would give CJ and Mullin Plumbing a 10+! We know who to call the next time we have a plumbing issue. In this day and age of "so ... so" service it sure is nice to work with a company that wants your business long-term and does what they say they will do. CJ, thanks again for a job well done." B.G. Oklahoma City, Ok.