Heart of Dallas Is In The Heart of Recruiting Country

The Oklahoma State Cowboys aren't playing in a BCS bowl game this year. And although they were the fourth best team in the Big 12 they slipped all the way down to the last bowl in the conference rotation.

Many fans were upset the Pokes are playing in the Heart of Dallas Bowl, but the bright spot for Oklahoma State is that they're playing in the heart of their main recruiting area.

"To be in Dallas it's good for our fans. It's easy for the families of the players to get here." Gundy said, "We didn't have any transportation issues and they players all got here on time. It's a recognizable part of the country for Oklahoma State University. And we spend a lot of time within four to six hours of here recruiting. It's great exposure for us to be in this area."

The Cowboys had several recruits at Friday's practice at Highland Park High School.

The Pokes toughed out Friday's workouts. OSU practice in a cold mist for most of the morning. It may rain on Tuesday for the Heart of Dallas Bowl so they got some good practice playing in adverse conditions.

"We're used to it now. We try not to wear sleeves and out tough each other." OSU Center, Evan Epstein said, "But I've got my secret thick stuff on and cut off the sleeves. If my core is warm I'm good."

I noticed that OSU quarterback Clint Chelf was wearing sleeves so I asked him if he'd ever considered not wearing sleeves.

"Absolutely not." Chelf said, "It has not even crossed my mind ever."

The Cowboys and the Boilermakers kickoff New Years Day at 11:00am.