Heat Alert Comes With Hot Warning For Residents

Keep your cool. That is the message from EMSA today, as we are under a heat alert. 6 heat related call outs prompted the alert.

It's serious. We've seen record breaking temps last summer and over the last five years calls for help have more than doubled to over 400.

Visit a splash pad and you will see kids doing the right thing, cooling off. Experts say young children are more vulnerable to heat related illness, along with seniors, but we can all be victims of the heat.

Paramedics on Thursday saw 6 people, who needed their help, from ages 16 to 60. One was a 24 year old Jenks police officer. Another was a 33 year old woman, out running in the park.

Those are examples that even healthy people can become distressed in the heat. You should make sure wear light colored loose fitting clothing so that your body has room to sweat and cool off.

Stay away from liquor in the heat, coffee and sugary drinks. Focus on water. and here's an example of how much you should be drinking.

"This is a 20 oz bottle of water. You should be drinking one of these about every two hours. That should start a couple of hours before you go out into the sun," demonstrated Keli Bruer of EMSA.

Just in case you are wondering, how do you know if you should be out in the heat or not? Experts say say if you are feeling thirsty, that is as clue you need to go inside and get a drink. You should not ever feel thirsty in hot weather.