Helicopter Egg Drop Brings A Thousand Children to Sand Springs

A local church brought eggs from the sky to their Easter egg hunt. The Church that Matters in Sand Springs opened their doors to a thousand kids this year. It's the second year for the event and this year they dropped 13,000 eggs from a helicopter. Families that were involved said they really like this event.

"I think the kids really enjoy it; who doesn't like seeing a helicopter and who doesn't like hunting Easter eggs?" says Geoff Cline.

Cline says The Church that Matters is his home church, and that's why they got involved. It took about 15 minutes to get all the eggs in place, and several passes over the football field to get them just right.

"There were quite a few that busted open so candy is everywhere, but the kids don't care. They are just at a free-for-all, just grabbing candy, eggs, whatever they can get their hands on," says lead Pastor, Rusty Gunn.

The message they are giving is about the true meaning of Easter. Gunn admits people can get caught up in all the candy and eggs, but he believes one thing.

"I think God wants us to have a good time, and he wants us to celebrate," says Gunn, "It's the festival atmosphere all through the Bible. We find when they celebrated anything, there was a great festival and feast and all those kinds of things. So, the dress and all the extra stuff comes together to make a glorious day for our lord."