Help For Business Start Ups

Great companies all start the same...with a vision. Well Tulsa happens to be a great city for helping start ups get off the ground.

This is a place where new business are forging ahead. It's called the forge where start ups and existing businesses are helped to accelerate their success.

The start up world especially in technology is a high risk, high reward industry.'s Dustin Curzon created Narrable's a storytelling platform focused on education that combines photos and voices. Lots of research and 2 and a half years later the business has learned to engage its consumers and evolve.

"That makes it a more exciting process, it's not one that you can start in the beginning and say hey we're going to be this and we're going to build this and that's going to be it. We say we don't know what we don't know so let's go learn, says Tulsa Tech's Larry Findeiss. He helps another kind of start ups that want to work with the government.

"What we do is provide a one stop shop, one stop for companies to become aware of the marketing and contract opportunities, and do the necessary paperwork and registration, says Larry Findeiss .

Whatever your idea, there is a place in Tulsa to help you get it off the ground as long as you're open and willing to learn.

"Ego is the thing that will kill a company faster than anything. you say i know everything and I know what my customers need and that's a good way to fail pretty quickly," says Curzon.