Help To Get Your Mail-In Rebate Check

Many of you may be tempted to buy things, with the promise of those mail-in rebates. But get ready for some extra work if you want to collect. Mail-in rebates can save you a lot of money sometimes, IF you pay attention to all the details.You've seen it... a company offers a deep discount on a big ticket item, like a TV or computer... in the form of a big mail-in rebate. But there's a catch.{} You have to do the legwork if you want the money. And more than 20% of the time, customers either don't get their rebate, or they're turned down on a technicality. Don't be one of those customers.{} So here's what you do: {}

  • Read the instructions.{} Some of those rebates require a number of extensive steps.{} Miss one and you could lose your rebate altogether.
  • Pay attention to the amount of time you have to act on that rebate offer, and don't delay.
  • Make copies.{} You want to have a record of the rebate around in case anything goes wrong.
  • And keep all the packaging from the product until after you get your rebate.{} You may need something, like that UPC code, to get your money.

Good luck!{} Hopefully, you'll get the money you've got coming to you.{} Go here for more tips to get that mail-in rebate.