Hepatitis C Victim in Tulsa Dental Scare Speaks Out

Associated Press

TULSA, Okla. (AP) - A patient whose hepatitis C diagnosis focused attention on allegedly filthy conditions inside two Tulsa-area dental clinics says his body has been ravaged by the disease.

The patient is identified as "G. Rains" in court records. He's suing Dr. W. Scott Harrington, claiming the dentist's deliberate use of rusty instruments and re-use of contaminated drug vials led to his infection.

Rains says he's battled depression and lives in fear that the virus could attack his body again and destroy his liver. He declined an in-person interview but agreed to answer questions submitted by The Associated Press to his lawyer.

Harrington is cooperating with investigators and voluntarily gave up his license last year as the probe into conditions at his clinics began.