Hertz And Dollar Thrifty Merger Mean Uncertainty For Tulsa

The Hertz and Dollar Thrifty merger will likely mean the departure of some Tulsa jobs.

Just how many still remains to be seen. At the airport, there are no signs of the approved Hertz Dollar Thrifty merger, but both companies have operations here. So as the business is streamlined, some employees could lose their jobs.

As car rental customers come and go at Tulsa International Airport, names don't seem to matter that much.

Corey King says, "I don't care one way or another if I get the care I need and the service I need, I'm fine."

A good price is also important.

Ariana Cooper agrees.

"Price and customer service"

But it's unclear how many of the nearly 800 Dollar Thrifty employees in Tulsa will lose their jobs.

"We thought a year or so ago if Hertz acquired this it would be shut down automatically, I don't think that's the case today at all," says Mike Neal with the Tulsa Metro Chamber.

Tulsa is the Dollar Thrifty Headquarters for accounting, financing, legal, human resources, while Hertz's operations in Oklahoma City are primarily a customer care facility.

"We're hoping the lion's share of those functions can be retained in these very good Dollar Thrifty facilities."

Neal says It could take six months to a year for the Hertz to evaluate everything. in other words figure out what operations will go where and what jobs will be lost.

"Some jobs are unique but a lot of jobs are not. When they're unique the employees survive, then if they're not they're vulnerable," says Fred Russell with Frederic Russell Investment Management in Tulsa.

It's the duplication of jobs, Fred Russell says Hertz will eliminate. Maybe 100 to 200 jobs. He also thinks they'll go away in the next weeks or months based upon the time Hertz has had to study Dollar Thrifty.

Hertz has built a brand with business travelers. The Dollar Thrifty acquisition would expand Hertzs' reach to leisure travelers. So, you can expect a larger presence at airports.