Two Men Lead Tulsa Police on High-Speed Chase

Matthew Love

Two men are behind bars Thursday morning after a high-speed chase with Tulsa Police.

It happened at around midnight when TPD attempted to stop a vehicle in east Tulsa near 31st and 129th East Ave. In the car were Jeremy Holmes and Matthew Love.

Captain Wendell Franklin told that the vehicle, driven by Holmes, fled from the cop and went at speeds of 80 to 85 mph.

During their pursuit police used stop sticks on the road which punctured three of the cars tires. After flattening the tires, Holmes and Love fled the car and were caught by police moments later with the help of a TPD helicopter.

Franklin told that during their arrest, police discovered cellphones inside the car wrapped in two layers with an outer layer of tobacco.

Holmes and Love are now in the Tulsa County jail on charges of eluding police and possession of drug paraphernalia. They are due in court in February.