High Profile Meth Cases In Court

The trial begins today for a man accused of cooking meth that killed two people.

The case is from 2009 and a fire at the royal arms apartment.

Mark William Roberts is charged with murder, arson and manufacturing a controlled susbstance.Several high profile meth cases are making their way to court.

One of the most recent meth lab deaths happened in a fire that claimed the life of Ayden Ross Jennings, just 15 months old. Jeffrey McBride is one of two people charged related to that fire. His case cased was passed to January 23rd.

Who can forget Alisha Halfmoon's story? Police arrested her after allegedly making meth as she picked up the ingredients while shopping at a walmart store. She was in court today and will return on Thursday.

These cases take both time and money before they ever reach a courtroom.

"From the first patrol officers that responds to you got 2 or 3 or 4 patrol officers then you got narcotics detectives that process the scene to gather the evidence if have a suspect to take to prosecutors," says Jason Willingham with the Tulsa Police Department.

Tulsa police have already had at least 10 meth lab busts since January 8th. During the same time last year there were 13. With a record 431 meth busts in Tulsa last year, the crime doesn't appear to be going away, not in Tulsa, and not in the state.

"From the baby 10 days old put in the washing machine to a mother high on meth in Bartlesville to 3 babies burned to death in an RV in del city last year while parents in house smoking meth to a baby dying in a meth lab fire just couple of months ago," says Mark Woodward with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.