High Tech Job Hunting

There are many ways to help you land that new job, but one of the newest and hottest leads in your job search is your cell phone.Looking for work is more than resumes and classifieds nowadays.{} Many employers know we're never without our smart phone, so they're going high tech to fill their job openings.GMA's Tory Johnson says companies are ramping up efforts in mobile recruitment to connect with prospective job seekers on the go.

  • That latest text or tweet may just be from that job you've been waiting for.{} Johnson says check out the Websites of the large organizations you're eyeing for openings, and see if there's an option to sign up for tweets or text alerts on job leads that match your needs.
  • QR codes are another way some companies are now targeting job seekers.{}{} QR stands for quick response. They're barcode-like squares that, when scanned with the camera found on most cell phones, will reveal a company's job Websites.
  • More employers are using virtual interviewing as a way to find workers.{} Johnson says these two-way conversations via video are hot right now because they save time and overcome scheduling challenges.

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