Hilberling Trial: Amber Takes Stand in High-Rise Death Case

Testimony in the trial of 21-year-old Amber Hilberling continued Friday morning as she took the stand before a Tulsa district court.

A 12-member jury and two alternates were seated to hear the 2011 case Friday morning. Before noon Amber provided her own explanation of what happened back on June 7, 2011.

Prosecutors allege Amber Hilberling pushed her husband, Joshua; she says the apartment had dangerously thin windows and her husband fell accidentally.

Channel 8's Caitlin Alexander is at the trial this week where she said Amber told the room that the morning of the incident both of them woke up and had breakfast and later on Amber told Josh she planned on divorcing him. She said she already had his bags packed and left the table to sort their laundry.

Amber then said that at some point they began to argue while she was sorting the laundry and Josh went and took the laundry basket from her and threw it against a bedroom window. She added that she excused herself from the bedroom and a maintenance man appeared moments later to repair a previous issue in the apartment.

The state asked Amber to physically demonstrate how she pushed her husband. Amber was asked to stand opposite a man about Josh's size, taking into account the size of her belly, she demonstrated the act.

According to the state, Amber uses a quiet voice when talking about Josh, but not about what took place that day.

Following Amber's testimony, the defense rested, however the prosecution will bring two more rebuttal witnesses to the stand. One of them is a glass expert who believes that the glass used in the building complies with current standards for that type of building.

Caitlin Alexander reported on Thursday that the maintenance man had been there to look over an issue with a window. A defense attorney for Hilberling also told the room the same day that they taped the dimensions of the window and it's distance in relation to the floor on the courtroom floor.

During her appearance before the courtroom, Hilberling said that after she let the maintenance man inside she found Josh standing in the living room near the window where he fell out. She said they both began to argue again and he grabbed her shoulder and she pushed him off in defense.

Hilberling added that she had no intention of pushing Josh outside of the window during their altercation. And earlier this week the medical examiner admitted he had no way of determining how the deceased came out of the window.

A prison inmate also was called to the stand this week and testified that she and Hilberling had many conversations in which she disclosed that her husband had planned to leave her. Fulton stated that Hilberling had also told her that she caught him off-guard and pushed him.

Hilberling Trial Calls Inmate to Provide Comments

Amber Hilberling rejected a plea deal offered by prosecutors last week, opting to go to trial instead. She faces 10 years to life in prison if convicted of second-degree murder.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.