Hispanic Businesses Adding to Tulsa's Economy

Here in Oklahoma, Hispanics are the fastest growing minority group. As a result, they're having a huge impact on the economy. There are now more than 8,000 Hispanic businesses in this state.

You can find one example in East Tulsa which is bringing the best of Mexican culture to our city.

Every morning starting at 2 a.m., Tulsa benefits from a business tradition that started in Mexico more than 100 years ago. The portraits of the bakers on the wall start with their great-great grandfather.

16-years ago the Anaya family came to Tulsa and put their family tradition to work. Katia Anaya is one of the new faces of Tulsa's Hispanic business community. But at the age of 26, she's not new to hard work. She's been helping in the family bakery, since she was 13.

Katia is now helping to run the businesses, with her sister and brother. But in the process, they're also helping Tulsa become a better place to live.

Their newest location in the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood is bringing a family atmosphere to a street that was once better known for bars and adult entertainment. Their business also comes with 35 paychecks that have been brought to this city.

They provide baked goods all over the state, including 30 restaurants in the Oklahoma City Area.

The family is also proud that everything is done from scratch without cutting any corners.