Historic Crystal City Shopping Center Goes Up For Sale

A once popular destination on Route 66 in West Tulsa will go up for auction at the end of the month.

Many families remember Crystal City as an amusement park and as a bustling shopping center. Crystal City was known for adventure and fun, with an amusement park. It was also the original home of the well known Zingo roller coaster. But over the years, Crystal City lost it's sparkle.

Now several businesses try to hang on. The family that owns the center is putting it up for auction to the highest bidder.

City councilor Jeannie Cue says families around here need a grocery store and other necessities

"Everyday, I get lots and lots of emails on this center. I get lots of phone calls on upgrading Crystal City. People love this area. It has such a historic value to the City of Tulsa and being on historic Route 66 we have to save Crystal City," said Cue.

The last time the center was offered for sale, $1.4 million was the asking price.

The same family that built Utica Square also built the Crystal City Shopping Center.

The property goes up for auction February 27th.