Historic Tulsa Hangar Demolished

Charlie Short, Amelia Earhart, Bill Coleman, and Julian Q. Meyers Courtesy: Tulsa Air and Space Museum

Part of Tulsa's history is being demolished. According to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum, Hangar 10 has been on the property since 1929. Making it part of the opening chapter of aviation in Tulsa.

"It's a shame to see the final original building to this airport or at least in that first three to four years being torn down and gone forever," says Museum Deputy Director and Curator, Kim Jones.

According to Jones, Hangar 10 was used to store airplanes when famous people came to visit. Jones says Amelia Earhart, Charles and Ann Morrow Lindbergh, Jimmy Doolittle, Will Rogers and many more came Tulsa and Hangar 10. Some Tulsan's were just driving by and wanted to get a quick picture to remember a historic building they have passed for years.

"I have worked out here at the airport since 91 and just seeing some of the old buildings go away this one here and now that one," says Nathan Forrest.

Hangar 10 is being demolished to make way for improvements on the airports main runway.

"We are doing a lot of work on our main runway and so our cross wind runway is going to carry a lot more traffic than normal. So, we wanted to make sure we had both areas cleaned up on both ends of the runway," says TSA, Deputy Directory of Engineering and Facilities, Jeff Hough.

Hough says on January 2, 2013 all the air traffic will be using the East and West runway. Meaning Hangar 10 could be a safety concern, so they had to clear the area. Even with progress planned for the airport, it's hard for some to see the original buildings gone.

"I watched them tare Hangar 1 down and that was enough. I don't think I will go see it," says Jones.

Once the work starts on the main runway, it will take five months to complete.