History Not On The Sooners Side In Lubbock

The Oklahoma Sooners are coming off their second and final off week of the season. After suffering their first loss of the years against Kansas State they head right back in the fire.

The Sooners head to Texas Tech (4-0) Saturday to face the Red Raiders.

It's a place Oklahoma hasn't won since 2003.

But OU Head Coach Bob Stoops isn't too concerned with history.

"Well heck, it didn't matter to Tech. How many times did we win here. The last time they were here before last year we won 62-10 or whatever. It didn't seem to matter a year ago." said Stoops, "Everyone wants to tie years to other years and I don't see that it equates that way. We went to Kansas State a year ago and had a heck of a game. And we didn't do that the other night. So in the end, different years are different years."

The Sooners will face the Red Raiders in the Lubbock, TX this Saturday afternoon at 2:30pm. That game is on Tulsa's Channel 8 and ABC.