Hobby Lobby Case Causing Controversy

Hobby Lobby's case before the U.S. Supreme court will once and for all settle the company's legal battle over the new health care law's provision on insurance use for contraceptives. Hobby Lobby has argued that it should not have to cover birth control which violates its religious beliefs.

Dr. Joe Bessler, who teaches religion at Phillips Theological Seminary, says one of the questions will be is whether a company or a business is a person with religious liberties.

"It's one thing to say I, Joe Bessler, or I Mart Green, have x, y, z religious convictions. It's a different thing to say my company does," Bessler said.

Hobby Lobby's case has been in the courts for a while, so why is the high court weighing in now?

"They're taken this case pretty quickly. As they've seen appellate courts making decisions coming down in different places, this then raises the urgency for the supreme court to weigh in," Bessler said.