Holiday Decorating Tips

Now that people have some of their shopping done. It's time to get those holiday decorations up and there are things you can do to save time and money. There are several companies around Tulsa that will install any type of light display you want. They spend the next two weeks getting homes and businesses ready for the holiday season and they say the number one thing to remember is safety.

"Ladder safety, if they are going to try and hang lights on their house make sure they have a good sturdy ladder. Make sure they don't over extend it," says Tom Harrison, Co-Owner, Tom's Electric.
All of these lights Harrison uses are LED lights but he says you can still mix and match the old incandescent lights with the new LEDs.
"Incandescent lights you can't strand more than 25 on one outlet and the outlet needs to be dedicate. LEDs can be as many as you want but you can't put more than 35 end to end. Incandescent you can only put three strands end to end," says Harrison.
LED lights are more expensive up front but experts say they will save you money in the long run. The biggest mistakes people will make this season is putting too many lights on one outlet and not making a list of the things they need.
"I need to check my lights outside. Check your extension cord, your outlets, check your ends of the cords to make sure they aren't worn out. Make sure that you are using cords that are used for outdoors for the elements. If you use indoor extension cords for outside they aren't protected," says Home Depot Garden Department Supervisor, Diana Sallee.
Sallee also says Home Depot will take your old lights at the end of the season and recycle them for you. Another big thing people need to remember about lights on your Christmas tree, is to water the tree and make sure no heat source is near the tree.