Holiday Drinking Prevention, In Victim's Honor

This month is National Driving Impaired Prevention Month. It comes just in time for one of the most deadly seasons for drunk driving. Now businesses and friends have joined to keep you safe.

For some people, the shots can add up for some people when they are having a good time. But now, one tragedy means no one has to drink and drive.

Melissa Eubanks, or Missy, as she was called, did not survive a hit and run accident caused by a drunk driver. That was in 2010. Today her friends have formed Missy's Keys4Cabs. The goal is to make sure that impaired drivers have a ride home if they need one.

48-establishments have signed up to be partners. It won't bring Melissa back--but maybe her smile is a reminder, not to drink and drive, because of her story.

"She enjoyed having a good time with her friends and unfortunately one night, after we left, a guy slammed into her and killed her, right in front of me. He ran a red light," remembered Sarah Inman, V.P. Missy's Keys4Cabs.

If you feel like you've had too much to drink, all you have to do is ask your server for help, and you can get a taxi ride home.