Holiday Gifts With Big Markups

We're a week away from Christmas, and chances are you'll be out shopping for gifts this weekend. You may want to check your list twice because some items have some really big markups.To spend your money wisely, Forbes is out with 7 holiday items with the biggest markups, with some alternative ways to give this year. Here are a few of them:

  • Brand-name clothes. They have a markup of 500-1000%. Buy high-tech items like gaming machines and phones instead.{} They have a much smaller markup.
  • Greeting cards have an average markup of 100-200%.{} Consider buying your greeting cards by the box for a better value, or better yet, send a free e-card.
  • If you're buying that teacher or co-worker a coffee shop gift card, the markup for coffee is an average 300%, making that gift card a bad value for the money. Instead, give a bag of gourmet coffee and a mug, a far more personal gift at a lower cost and better value.
  • If you're going out to eat for the holidays, that bottle of restaurant wine carries as much as a 300% markup.{} Save yourself some money, drink water with your meal, and have that glass of wine when you get home.

Not all of these ideas are always practical, but they will save you money this holiday season.Click here for the rest of Forbes' "7 Holiday Items With The Biggest Markups"