Holiday Ride-Along for Father & Son

At first glance, you'd think the man in the sweater was a neighbor, here for information, looking on as the officer briefed the media.

"And he ran in the middle of the street and he got struck by the vehicle behind me," said Officer Trevor Peters.

At second glance, you realize the man in the sweater is here for the officer.

"It's a sense of pride that he chose this profession," said George Peters, from sunny California, visiting his son Trevor for the holidays.

"He wanted to come with me and ride along, so that's pretty cool, especially on Christmas," said Trevor.

He's been on the force for a little over a year, and keeps Mom and Dad at ease with regular phone calls.

"You know, probably about 90% of the time he calls me up and you know, a little debriefing," said George.

Calming any fears his parents, who aren't in law enforcement, might have. So what made Trevor want to be a cop?

"A long time ago my wife she worked for public health," said George.

And Trevor participated in a sting.

"I would go out and can I buy this alcohol from you? And then they'd either say yes or no. I'd have an id, and give them a fake id. So I did that several times," said Trevor.

"And ever since he's had that bug," said George.

"And from then on I liked it and here I am," said Trevor.

Here he is on Christmas day with a father full of pride.

"He has a sense of justice and what's right and what's fair," said George.

And he also has a sense of safety. Yes, he has a gun, but Dad got him something a little extra.

"He bought me this, a little baton, so I carry it cause he wants me to, but, here it is. I didn't want it at first, but he wanted me to have it so," said Trevor.

Peace of mind, for someone who worries enough to have an honorary badge himself.

"No, I should though, I should," laughed George.

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