Holiday Shopping Crime

It's been one week of holiday shopping. Which also means that criminals are watching for you to make a mistake. Some of those mistakes can even happen away from shopping areas. Shoppers say they are already noticing a big difference this year.

"A lot of traffic out already, it seems like. I think it's due to the weather," says Shelley Green.

Green says she is constantly looking around as she walks to her car. She also tries to park as close as she can to the door. The good news is more Tulsa Police Officers are out at popular shopping spots. Officer Shannon Steele says so far they have seen people parking illegally parking in handicap spots, several that are running red lights, and parking in fire lanes. But Steele says there are two things you need to remember.

"Don't fall into the trap of leaving your gifts locked in a car because it takes about 5 seconds to pick up a rock or us something and break out a window and now your gifts are gone," says Officer Steele, "Don't have cash in your hand or if you are a female, a purse or a checkbook that's open, that someone can knock you down also in about five seconds and pull that out of your hand and jump in a waiting vehicle and they are gone."

Officer Steele also suggests that don't leave your presents inside your car at your house.

"It's open season for the bad and they can break out a window in just a few seconds remove those presents and now your kids don't have any presents," says Officer Steele.