Holiday Travel, More Drivers More Reasons To Be Careful

Have you checked your tires, your oil? State troopers say car trouble is one thing you don't need on the highways this holiday weekend.

There are enough distractions out there on the road. Last year, six people died in four accidents on Oklahoma roads during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

State troopers say Oklahoma has it's share of construction on the road and you might find that anywhere you go.

Their advice is for you to know your roadway and pay attention to the signs of caution.

Cell phones and GPS devices could cause a fatal accident--so let someone else text or navigate for you.

State Trooper Antonio Porter says texting and driving is becoming as prevalent as drinking and driving. He gives those texting drivers a quick lecture about their behavior.

"Think about when you took the driving test, they tell you don't have no phone. Don't have this don't have that. Once that clicks, enough said. They say sir I know what you mean," he recounted.

Friday and Saturday will be the busiest travel home days, troopers say. In Oklahoma, if you have questions about road construction or shutdowns, call *55. Other states reserve that number for emergencies only.