Holiday Weight Loss: Possible or Impossible?

A nutritionist and dietitian told Channel 8 they both agree holiday weight loss is not necessarily a Christmas miracle... However, the vast majority of people will gain between one and five pounds. That's why they encourage folks to eat in moderation and maintain their weight over the holiday season.

"I think the goal would be to focus on not gaining weight," said Sky Fitness Nutrition Director Jenni Klufa.

The holidays offer many parties and sweet treats. Klufa said most people are guilty of eating a lot of other foods to avoid eating dessert.

"So, you fill up on potatoes and breads and stuff like that, and eventually, you have the dessert, and that's after you've added an additional 500 calories already," she said.

Shopper Kappy Kreppel, 88, told Channel 8 she is not a believer in holiday season weight loss.

"No, never," said Kreppel. "I never have. Lost weight over the holidays? No."

Still, experts said weight loss could be possible for folks with the drive to make it happen. However, that is not a majority of people.

"For a lot of people, calorie moderation is probably going to be the best thing," said Reasor's Dietitian Michelle Moulton. "If you want the piece of pie, fine. Just account for that and don't overeat everywhere else."

Experts said the stress of the holiday season can also inspire more eating and weight gain.