Holland Hall Students Disciplined for Bringing Pot Brownies to School

Students at a local college prep school are in trouble for the treats they had on campus.

On Monday, we confirmed students from Holland Hall prep school were busted with marijuana brownies late last week.

"Last Thursday the school confiscated marijuana brownies from a handful of upper school students," said Liz Anderson, Director of Communications at Holland Hall.

Anderson said the school notified parents of the incident with a letter, which has no specific details on the bust.

"We were very quick to get that information out to our parents that an incident had occurred," Anderson said.

Right now the school is not revealing what grades the students are in or how many were caught with the marijuana brownies.

"Sixty- five is very grossly exaggerated number. Again it is a handful of students. Since they are still ongoing with the disciplinary procedures, we are not going to be able to release a specific number," Anderson said.

According to Anderson, the school is disciplining all students involved, but she wouldn't say if the students have been suspended, expelled or what actions are being taken.

Since the bust, school officials have held an assembly to address the issue with all the students.

One senior believes this incident is going to cause some changes at Holland Hall.

"I feel like in the future this is going to impact the amount of trust that the school has put in the students," the senior said.